Dan Van Oss, Designer

Dan has been doing both personal and commercial digital design for over 20 years. He’s an author himself, and will work with you to make sure your cover is both creative and commercial.


“Whoever said that no one judges a book by its cover is a dirty rotten liar. Or dumb. Maybe broke. The truth is EVERYONE judges a book by its cover, which is why Dan and the Team at Covermint are invaluable to Sterling & Stone. We love our art, but we need it to sell, so the professional craft and eye for commercial design that Dan and his team bring to the table are invaluable to the work that we do. We sell more books thanks to Covermint.”Sean Platt, CEO Sterling & Stone
“My biggest fear after completing my manuscript was that my book would not get noticed among the millions of books out there. I put that first step in the hands of Dan Van Oss at Covermint Design. It turned out to be the best investment I could have possibly made. In just over three months my book went from a sales rank of one million plus to a number one best seller in Sci-Fi on Amazon. I truly believe I owe my success to the amazing cover design work from Covermint and Dan Van Oss.”MARC STEVENS, AUTHOR OF "FIRST OF MY KIND"
“Covermint went the extra mile. Not only did they give me more versions of the cover, but they then did an audiobook cover in record time.”MJ SEWALL, AUTHOR OF "SEVEN WAYS TO JANE"
“Most of the space exploration covers I’d found online from other designers looked like a ten year old had mashed them together on MS Paint. But the covers Dan put together for me were superb.”JASON WERBELOFF, AUTHOR OF THE "STAR PHASE" SERIES
“There was one time when Dan and I worked together and we just didn’t see eye to eye on a new cover. He continued to put forward new ideas until I was happy. That has only happened once because he is usually spot-on with a cover every time!”ROBIN MAHLE, AUTHOR OF THE "KATE REID" AND "LACY MERRICK" SERIES
“Covermint are professional, reliable and efficient. Dan has an excellent eye for typography and doesn’t need a dozen revisions to come up with something top quality.”RICHARD BOYDELL, AUTHOR IF THE "SURVIVAL WARS" SERIES
“Dan has bent over backwards to help me realize my vision and done other, smaller tasks for me like creating series styles, audiobooks, print books. He really looks to get the results that the client wants.”HARMON COOPER, AUTHOR OF THE "FEEDBACK LOOP" SERIES