Pricing & FAQs

Your project will get exclusive attention.

Can’t help it; we’re detail addicts. We won’t stop until every last flare, grunge and text tweak in your design is perfect, whether it’s a pre-made cover or full custom package.

Pre-Made Ebook Cover


  • Fastest Option
  • Choose from multiple genres
  • Includes 3d promo images
  • Add a print version of your cover for an additional $50
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Custom Ebook Cover


  • Customized to your specifications
  • Professional design tailored to your genre
  • Up to ten revisions of your final cover
  • Includes multiple 3d promo images
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Custom with Print Ebook & Print Cover


  • Includes front and back design for your paperback book*
  • Up to ten revisions of your final cover
  • Includes multiple 3d promo images
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If I order an ebook cover now can I upgrade to a print over in the future?

Absolutely. There is a $49 charge for the print upgrade. We’ll add in a space for your ISBN bar code on the back and add in any author photos or text you like.

How much are your covers?

Most of our pre-made ebook covers are only $79. (As mentioned, upgrading a pre-made cover to an ebook and a print cover is an additional $49.) Our custom ebook covers are $399, and our full custom ebook/print cover package is $449.

Is there a difference in quality between your pre-made and custom ebook covers?

Nope. Both covers will be provided in high-resolution (300 dpi) 6:9 ratio (1800px x 2700px)versions as well as low resolution promotional files for website, social media etc. use.

Do you resell your pre-made covers? I don’t want someone else to have a cover that looks just like mine.

Don’t worry; once we use a pre-made cover from our selection of designs, we remove it from the site. It will only be used for your book. We do rely on stock photography for most of our covers, so it may be possible another author may have the same photo utilized in their cover. But we always try to incorporate multiple elements into each cover in order to customize it as much as possible.

How do I start the process?

If you’re interested in a pre-made cover, go here and choose one that you are interested in, add it to your cart and continue the checkout process. If you have questions about a particular cover, you can click on the “Product Enquiry” button. If you’re not from the UK, consider it a “Product Inquiry” button. (We didn’t code the buttons.)

If you’re interested in a custom cover, use the Contact Form and we’ll chat first to find out more about your needs, then start you in with a cover design questionnaire once you’re ready to begin. The questionnaire will ask you about your book (such as story synopsis, genre, etc.) We also like to ask if you have any examples of current book covers in your genre you like, which helps us get a better idea of the direction you are looking for (stark, colorful, simple, complex, and so on.)

How soon can I expect my new cover?

For custom covers, I will let you know what our current schedule is. Once we are able to start on the cover, the process usually takes from two to three weeks, depending on how many revisions we need. You should usually receive an initial design proposal within 5 days after the process has started.

For pre-made ebook covers, you should usually see a customized design using your author name and book title within 24 hours, depending on the design schedule. We will work with you to tweak the design until it meets your approval.

For print covers, expect up to 5-7 days after the front cover design is finalized for us to complete a full cover design for you to evaluate.

How do I contact you?

You can use our Contact Form to contact us and get the ball rolling. For reference, we're located in the Midwest (Central Standard Time).

What is your usual availability?

We are pretty flexible; it all depends on how many projects we have going at the same time. Current waiting times for new projects is about three weeks.

What genres do you work with?

Our specialties are thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, action/adventure, and mystery. We're not comfortable working on erotica, graphic horror, or LGBT covers, but will have some suggestions as to who might be a better fit for you.

How does your custom cover design process work?

The first step is for you to fill out our Story Questionnaire form, in which you provide us with basics such as story synopsis, title, and author name. We also try to discover more about the theme, mood, important symbols used in the story, and examples of covers you like from other authors. Once we get that info, we develop a preliminary design to see if we are heading in the right direction. From there you have around five to ten revisions to fine tune the final design. (Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging with a design you don’t like. Our goal is to get you the cover you want within reasonable expectations.)

How does payment work?

Our initial invoice will be for half of the design cost of your project, with a second invoice sent after completion of the final design. We bill primarily via PayPal.